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5 Stars

by Genice Cassidy
May 29,2017
This was such a great book! It is a Historical romance that starts out Western and moves to the northeast as the characters do. Elise’s family is one of the wealthiest families around, disgustingly wealthy is her term. Her father wants her to marry a man 15 years her senior who is disgusting and she’s repulsed by. Not wanting to be in a love less marriage she marries a cattle rancher by proxy and without her family knowing. She leaves to be with him immediately but upon arriving she finds he died that morning. Elise now has nothing and the neighbor helps her out for a few months before Elise finally decides to call her family and beg to come home. She’s making her way home by train when she meets Nate, Oliver and Joseph. They are Pinkertons which is like a private detective. They were sent to find a gang robbing the trains. After they leave the train Elise is kidnapped by this gang to get a ransom from her wealthy family. Nate and Oliver are tasked to finding her while her family stalls the kidnappers. After almost 2 months of being held she is rescued and begins to heal. Her father sends her to her uncles where there is less chance of her scandal being known. There she meets Nate and Oliver again. She loves Nate, he rescued her among other things but she feels after what happened to her while being kidnapped he wants nothing to do with her. So they go their separate ways not knowing how they truly feel about each other.

This was a really wonderful book. There were so many miscommunications and misunderstandings it hurt to see how much they loved each other but could do nothing about it. This story does have a happily ever after. Also if you’re a fan of historical romances like Jane Austen or some like her you’ll love this book. Its perfect, clean, happy love though it takes work to get there.

5 stars
A very interesting read.  My first under this pen name.
ByDana Busenbarkon July 23, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition

We meet Elise, apparently carrying water from the creek back to her house. The setting of the beginning of this story really makes me stop and think about how horrible the conditions of her arranged marriage to someone in Boston must have been to her to walk away from a well-off family to nothing. The trials and tribulations that Elise has to endure throughout the book when she goes west, to meet her husband by proxy, is nothing short of things that made me want to weep for her. Watching Elise grow and blossom in front of my eyes was fascinating. What happens with her and Alexander? Who is Alexander for that matter? What happens with her and Nate at a charity ball? When Alexander and Elise hear that Nate is coming home from his Ranch, what happens? What does Alexander realize that Nate does not know? How does Elise handle so many tragic things so stoically? I am in complete awe of this woman. This is definitely a book filled with twists, turns, curves, tunnels, and unsolvable mazes in spots. You need to read it. This is my first book by Ailene Frances and I look forward to more of her works.

Momma Hellmouth rated it

My Review of Paper Widow by Ailene Frances
My Rating 4.5 Heartfelt Stars
It Was Amazing

I don’t read many historical romances much anymore, but I can tell you that I’m really glad I decided to read this one. The blurb grabbed my attention and the story stole my heart.

This was a real heartfelt story that has been written very well and so different from what I had expected. This is a great read of the old west and just how primitive it was back then and how families of wealth wouldn’t take a chance on their reputations even when things happen that are out of someone’s control. Elise and Nate’s journey is one that must be read to fully understand the depth of their journey to love. This is a true old fashion love story, written to make the reader fall in love and she completely accomplished that.

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